M A T T H E W   R Y C R O F T


Boutique agency for video production, creative concepts & copywriting.




Collaborating closely with the brilliant team at innocent, we crafted a 10-second video campaign designed to make a refreshing splash in newsfeeds.



What can a photographer do with 24 hours & a Sony RX100V compact camera?
We dropped two photographers in Spain & Norway to find out.
Campaign created in partnership with PetaPixel.


When Kodak launched the limited edition Ektra smartphone, they needed an introduction that would make an impression so we recruited Thomas Leuthard, one of the world’s top street photographers.
Directed & produced for Kodak / Bullitt Group. See the full tutorial series here.


We teamed up with AlphaTauri to ensure the brand copy is as seamless as its pioneering garments: www.alphatauri.com


Written & directed by Matthew Rycroft, short film Hashtag Nofilter has received over 600k views, been published by Le Monde and used as a showpiece at international exhibitions.