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If it’s not simple enough, it’s not smart enough.
We love taking on complex challenges and delivering simple solutions.

Client: innocent

Creating videos to stand out in the newsfeed.

In Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds, you only get seconds to make an impression. This was the creative challenge we faced when we created a video campaign for innocent's delicious coconut water. Working closely with the innocent team, we crafted scroll-stopping stories around our hero on his epic quests for refreshment... each video was just 10 seconds each.

No sweat.

Client: SONY

Creating content that clicks with the target audience

Placing a product at the heart of a challenge allows you to build a compelling narrative around it... which is why we dropped 2 pro photographers in Norway & Spain for 24 hours with Sony's RX100V compact camera. For this vlogging campaign we partnered up with PetaPixel.com, the world’s largest photography blog, which allowed us to publish the vlogs to the right audience with pinpoint precision and gain over 250,000 organic impressions.

Click, click.

Client: Kodak

Turning the product into the hero.

In order to launch the limited edition Kodak Ektra smartphone, we recruited one of the world’s top street photographers to showcase the camera's features in a mood video & a series of video tutorials. In the hands of master Thomas Leuthard, the camera became the hero and the smartphone was shown in the best light possible across global photography and tech media.

Oh snap!

Native English Copywriting

Writing English Copy that is on brand, on point & on time.

Our Native English copy is so smooth it melts in your mouth like Kaiserschmarrn.
We write for top brands, media outlets and startups.


We develop ideas that build brands.

We're proud to think differently. It helps us to weave the red thread through your project, understanding your goals and delivering exceptional results. We've developed concepts for digital campaigns, product launches, events, social content and much more. With a clear view of the big picture, a deep understanding of brand identities and a finger on the pulse of today's digital strategy – we love crafting the right idea that perfectly fits your brand.

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