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Creating smart video content aligned with latest trends, formats and channels.
5-second vertical videos for Instagram, 1-minute brand explainer videos, mood videos for OOH displays…  nothing matches the power of a video to deliver a message.


Try the hottest summer drink… Chilled soup.

Want to try something new this summer? Well, there are a number of things you could do, but innocent’s Gazpacho chilled soup deserves to be on top of your list. Including storyboarding, character design, animation & sound design – we created a whole new animated world to leap out of Facebook & Instagram newsfeeds and ensure the delicious Gazpacho is the highlight of the summer. Olé!



A Kodak classic is born. Again.

Oh snap. In order to launch the limited edition Kodak Ektra smartphone, we recruited one of the world’s top street photographers to showcase the camera’s powerful features in a series of video tutorials. In the hands of master Thomas Leuthard, the smartphone became the hero and basked in the the warm spotlight of global media coverage. Another special Kodak moment… Anybody got a camera?


Clicking with Sony

Lights, Sony camera, action. Placing a product at the heart of a challenge allows you to build a compelling narrative around it, which is why we dropped 2 pro photographers in Norway & Spain for 24 hours with Sony’s RX100V compact camera. For this influencer vlogging campaign we partnered up with, the world’s most popular photography blog with over 120 million annual page views. As a result we published the vlogs with pinpoint precision to the target audience and gained over 250,000 organic impressions. Click, click.


Making a splash with innocent

Tick Tock. Your video only has a few seconds to hook a viewer scrolling through Instagram & Facebook. This was the creative challenge we faced when we created a social video campaign for innocent’s delicious new coconut water. Our solution? Speedy storytelling that leapt out the newsfeed with a refreshing splash of innocent’s trademark humour.


Let’s team up.

I love partnering with people passionate about what they do – from schools to smoothies, from ice-cream to apparel, our work stretches across the full spectrum of services and products, and all for clients who are driven to deliver exceptional quality. So if you’re looking for fresh ideas to elevate your brand vision – give me a call and let’s get started.


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